Testimonials provided below are directly from clients; they are unedited and unbiased.

"I can’t say enough about how amazing my experience with Warrioress Fitness has been. I am a hard working career woman and a mother of twin girls. It is extremely hard for me to find time for myself to decompress, let alone time to work out. I have found my time with my trainer Stephanie to be very rewarding on so many levels. I find myself enjoying my experience on physical and mental level. The interaction and personal direction is delivered in a positive manner and leaves me to feel positively reinforce and charged each class. I have seen significant results but what surprised me most was that my troubled areas responded swiftly. Not only did I get in a great exercise but I decompressed by spending time with others forgetting about the day to day stresses of life. Thank you does not say enough for the rewards I received."


Angela lost almost 6 inches in her first 6 weeks in the Warrioress Fitness programs.



"After signing up with Warrioress Fitness I have a new found appreciation for exercise! Working with Stephanie has been amazing! She is very professional, motivating and knowledgeable, and because it is personal training I have seen very positive, fast results. In just 6 weeks I have lost 8 inches and feel energized to play actively with my two small children! What I love best about Warrioress is that each workout is different and targets multiple areas at once! I feel very fortunate for having found Warrioress Fitness."


Tanya lost 3 pounds and a whopping 8 inches in her first 6 weeks with the Warrioress Fitness program.



No Testimonial


Had amazing results, she lost 8 pounds and 5.5 inches in her first 6 weeks in the Warrioress Fitness program.

"I'm a working mom of 2 so finding time to exercise has been difficult. Stephanie worked with my schedule to accommodate sessions later in the evening and early morning. She is skilled, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with and talk to. Stephanie put together a individualized workout program that focused on strengthening my muscles and then making the workouts more challenging. I am stronger, more flexible, healthier and enjoy working out much more than I ever have. She made great suggestions on what to eat and what to avoid and sent me recipes and useful articles that were beneficial to me and my health conditions. Stephanie's positive reinforcement has paved the way for me to make healthier choices and continue to be active. I would highly recommend Stephanie to friends and family. Thank you for being an awesome trainer!"


Keera lost a whopping 2.5 inches off her waist in just 8 weeks.


 "I worked with Stephanie for some months this year to help restore strength in my pelvic floor and repair my diastasis, which were by-products of my pregnancies. I absolutely loved working with Stephanie- she is very knowledgeable, listened to and answered all my questions all the time, and displayed patience, kindness and care when working with me. I could tell Stephanie was genuinely interested in helping me. I loved the detailed follow-up emails Stephanie sent me after classes, with recaps of exercises we had done together. I would highly recommend Stephanie for pelvic floor repair exercises and personal training!"



NC decreased her DRA by at least half in the 8 week foundation program and improved her overall core and pelvic floor function significantly.