Program Details

I customize my programs to each of my client’s needs and goals. I work with you as a team to achieve these goals through a well laid out plan and program for your success. We will adapt and modify as we go to accommodate for anything that comes our way. We will start with an assessment and chat about your background and go from there setting our plan, the sky’s the limits. We will measure your progress in a way that makes most sense for you, whether it is weight, inches, how your favourite pair of jeans fits, your energy level, or your ability to play with you kids at the park.


Whether the goal is building muscle, losing weight, preparing for pregnancy and labour, or recovery from birth or abdominal and pelvic surgery, I am here for you and will make it my mission to help you achieve your goals. Anything IS possible, we just have to take the right approach and take action and this looks different for every person.


Together we can do this! You’ve got this!




Healthy Eating

I am excited to support my clients in achieving their goals through overall health and fitness.

Good nutrition is one of the main keys to your success. I can support you in your nutrition decisions and coach you through making the best choices for you. We want to make nutrition decisions that are appropriate for our lifestyle, food sensitivities and goals.


Tracking and Recipes

I can help you through food journaling and referring to trusted professionals when needed. I post recipes that are healthy and delicious to help keep you on track and keep you inspired. I can help you build meal plans for the average week and even for the craziest weeks in your life. We don’t want to get bored and we do want to set ourselves up for longterm success.



Fitness and Wellness Coaching and Assessments

You can sign up for a single fitness program assessment or a coaching session appointment.


Initial Fitness Program Assessment:

If you are looking for a personal trainer you can use this session to meet me and get to know my style and get some tips to get you started. I use this session to gather info to build a program for you should you wish to purchase a Warrioress Fitness training package. If you purchase a Warrioress Fitness Training Package the fee amount collected for this initial assessment will be credited to the total for the package purchased!

Book your Initial Assessment HERE!


Fitness and Wellness Coaching Session:

If you are looking for in depth fitness or wellness coaching you can book a single session with me to see if my style aligns with your needs. I will gather information from and give you some guidance on getting you started on the right fitness and wellness path for you, your lifestyle and your fitness and nutrition history. We can identify strategies to help you find and stick to the right program so you can work towards lifelong wellness. In this session I start help you identify any blocks, challenges and other things in your way. Should you wish to dive deeper we can book a series together to work through your concerns, challenges and experiences together so you can find your very own fitness and wellness plan. If you purchase a Warrioress Fitness - Fitness and Wellness Coahcing Package the fee amount collected for this initial coaching session will be credited to the total for the package purchased!

Book your Fitness and Wellness Coaching Preliminary Session HERE!



I will create a 45-50 minute session for you that give you a well-rounded full body workout. In addition we will do warm up and cool down/ stretch to prevent injury and promote recovery. I will plan several workouts in advance with a view to progressive and balanced training. We will spend time focusing on areas of concern (i.e. cardio, core, upper body, lower body), but please be assured that the best workout is a well-rounded workout (whether within each session or across the week) and results will follow. As we progress we will adapt the workouts and always ensure that we are working to prevent injury.

You’ve got this!

           HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

When time is of the essence, a solid 20 minute HIIT workout and a great warm up and stretch will set you up for success toward your goals. We will work at a high intensity to maximize the impact on our goals in a shorter amount of time. As always, I will work to prevent injury while maximizing results.


No matter what your goal is, if you are short on time, need to fit in a workout before work or after the kids go to bed, or you worked late, we can still get a an excellent workout in.


You’ve got this!



Above all we are focused on safety. Safety for you and baby. I want you to be able to remain active throughout pregnancy. All workouts will focus on keeping you and baby safe while strengthening your body to support a growing baby and the demands that labour and delivery have on your body and of course prepare for the subsequent demands that the little bundle of joy will put on your body. My plan is to help you reduce the discomfort that day to day pregnancy causes and maintain your desired activity level throughout pregnancy. A stronger body will be better prepared for the physical demand of labour and delivery, if you are planning a vaginal delivery or C-section, and will be able to recover more quickly after baby is born. We will keep a focus on training areas of the body that take on a lot of stress during pregnancy and delivery, including the pelvic floor and core muscles. We will work on proper breathing techniques and training your entire core system to function optimally during pregnancy and after delivery.


You need to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet, eating regularly and staying very well hydrated and REST!



Above all we are focused on safe recovery of your postnatal body. The 6-8 week time period just after delivery is a critical time for you, the new mama, to achieve the most amount of natural recovery. You need to treat your body with respect and give it the right environment to recover. The focus here is on rest and recovery. You sleep when you can, eat nourishing food, stay hydrated and choose activities that support your body, especially your abdominals, pelvic floor and back.


Our training at this point will start out with retraining the core system, and working from the deep core outward. Again, you need to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet, eating regularly, staying very well hydrated and REST!


You’ve got this mama!



When you want a friend or two to workout with you with similar goals and interests, small group fitness is a great option. 


Warrioress Fitness has fantastic partner and small group programs so you and your partners can work together to support and challenge each other to reach your ultimate goals in a very supportive and intimate environment.


In small groups we have the ability to use our own body weight and each other to come up with some really fun and innovative workouts that will keep you coming back for more.


We’ve got this!




Our current class is Warrioress Momma and Baby Core Small Group Personal Training Program. 


In this course we will be working through 6 weeks of programming to strengthen our bodies from the core outward. We will learn about the core, pelvic floor and impact of pregnancy and birth on the body and what we can do to reach our postpartum fitness and wellness goals. We tackle all of the pillars that contribute to overall wellness and fitness for life. We are going to find our inner Warrioress and give you the tools to ensure you have a strong functional core so that you can be stronger than ever and set the foundation for lifelong success. 


Click HERE for additional details on this class!