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Great for any occasion, Christmas, Birthday, Baby Shower, Push Present.

Can be purchased as a specific dollar amount, or a single personal training session.


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Warrioress Fitness Prenatal Video Package

These videos were created to help moms to be to exercise effectively and safely during their pregnancy. The videos are customized by trimester and help to guide women as to what exercises are generally safe and effective at each stage of pregnancy. The videos keep safe core exercise a prime focus to help women reduce negative posture adaptations, back, hip and pelvis pain and minimize or prevent many core dysfunctions that commonly occur during pregnancy and also set you up for a more effective labour and birth and quicker recover postpartum.


Note: Please consult your doctor prior to starting any exercise program or changing your diet.


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1. Entire 3 Trimester Video Package Bundle      

2. Single Trimester Video

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