Session Details

Session Details:

It is the Client’s responsibility to seek professional medical advice before beginning any fitness program or altering your diet in any way. Sessions will be tailored to each client or group of client’s specific needs, goals and fitness level.


Arrival Time:

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to session in order to start on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your session without notification you are deemed to have cancelled your session and will be charged for that session.


Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled sessions. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full to the client.

If the trainer cancels on the client the session will of course be made up to the client and the earliest time possible.


30 Minute HIIT Sessions:

10 sessions = $50 per session +HST                             




20 sessions = $40 per session +HST




Personal Training Sessions:

10 sessions = $80 per session +HST




20 sessions = $70 per session +HST





Prenatal (50 minute sessions):

8 week package (16 sessions) = $80 per session +HST

Small Groups (50 minute sessions):

Group of 2: (10 sessions) = $55 per person/session +HST





Group of 3: (10 sessions) = $45 per person/session +HST


Diastasis Recti - Your Postpartum Core and Pelvic Floor Workshop
Single Workshop = $20 +HST






Warrioress Fitness Gift Certificates:

Prenatal or General Personal Training Session = $80





Postnatal Personal Training Session = $70





$25 Gift Card





$50 Gift Card





$100 Gift Card




Prenatal Video Package:

Complete 3 Trimester Video Package Only $30 + HST





Single Trimester Video $11.99 +HST

Remote Training:


Single Session of 20/30 min remote training $50 + HST


10 Pack of 20/30 min remote training $450 + HST

Hypopressive Training:

Single 30 min Session Intro or Tune Up of The Hypopressive Method $60 + HST

5 Pack 30 min Hypopressive Core and Pelvic Floor Training Program 

Initial Assessment:

Initial Fitness Assessment Session (45-55 mins) $100 + HST

Preliminary Fitness and Wellness Coaching Sessions:

Single Fitness and Wellness Coaching Session (~ 55 mins) $120 + HST

Fitness and Wellness Coaching Package (~ 55 mis) Priced custom according to package duration and needs. Book initial session now to assess.