Prenatal Training

Above all we are focused on safety. Safety for you and baby. I want you to be able to remain active throughout pregnancy. All workouts will focus on keeping you and baby safe while strengthening your body to support a growing baby and the demands that labour and delivery have on your body and of course prepare for the subsequent demands that the little bundle of joy will put on your body. My plan is to help you reduce the discomfort that day to day pregnancy causes and maintain your desired activity level throughout pregnancy. A strong body will be prepared for the physical demand of labour and delivery, if you are planning a vaginal delivery or C-section, and will be able to recover more quickly after baby is born. We will keep a focus on training areas of the body that take on a lot of stress during pregnancy and delivery, including the pelvic floor and core muscles. We will work on breathing techniques and training your entire core system to function optimally during pregnancy and after birth.


We will also work on relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety and stress allowing you to feel more at ease throughout your pregnancy, which is good for both you and baby.


You need to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet, eating regularly and staying very well hydrated and REST!