Training Details

I customize my programs to each of my client’s needs and goals. I work with you as a team to achieve these goals through a well laid out plan and program for your success. We will adapt and modify as we go to accommodate for anything that comes our way. We will start with an assessment and chat about your background and go from there setting our plan, the sky’s the limits. We will measure your progress in a way that makes most sense for you, whether it is weight, inches, your energy level, mood, or your ability to play with you kids or grandkids at the park.


Whether the goal is building muscle, losing weight, preparing for pregnancy and labour, or recovery from birth, or a pelvic or abdominal procedure, I am here for you and will make it my mission to help you feel like a Warrioress. As cheesy as it may sound, anything IS possible, we just have to start and take action.


Together we can do this! You’ve got this!




Healthy Eating

I am excited to support my clients in achieving their goals through overall health and fitness.

Good nutrition is one of the main keys to your success. I can support you in your nutrition decisions and coach you through making the best choices for your goals.


Tracking and Recipes

I can help you through food journaling and referring to trusted professionals when needed.

I will post and provide recipes that are healthy and delicious to help keep you on track and keep you inspired. We don’t want to get bored.