Prenatal Classes

Coming Soon! ---- *In the mean time, prenatal fitness videos are available for purchase and 1-1 training options are available.


Classes will be in a format that is safe for all trimesters and most healthy, normal pregnancies. As always, medical clearance is required from your MD, OB or Midwife to start a prenatal program.


We will work through low impact circuits that help you with healthy weight management, reducing aches, pains and nausea. These workouts will also help prevent pregnancy related posture changes such as hunching and waddle walking that are not good for your back, core, or hips.


We will work on building strength and endurance to get you through pregnancy and labour and delivery beautifully and aid in a speedy postnatal recovery.


For pricing details please click HERE.

EVENT: Cynthia Brace's - Your Health, Your Lifestyle, Your Terms

Event Description:

I am so excited to announce that I am presenting a mini version of my course Fitness and YOUR Cycle! in Cynthia Brace's amazing event 'Your Health, Your Lifestyle, Your Terms - How you can easily create YOUR unique healthy plan so you can live a happy, vibrant life!' this month. Sign up now to hear some amazing women collaborating to help you create your happy vibrant life from topics on sleep, hormones, fitness, nutrition, your cycle and many more amazing sessions for you to take part in.

Dates and Times:

March 22 to 26​

Event Registration: