Alignment is a buzz word that you will hear a lot in fitness and rehab. But why?

Alignment and posture are basically step 1 in everything we do weather it is pursuing fitness or rehabbing an injuring or living an active healthful life. 

If your body is out of alignment a...

January 16, 2018

I heard this on City Line, I think, it was on in the background while I was working. They were talking about New Year's resolutions and how by about now people have already fallen off the wagon or quit their resolutions. We make excuses, we don't have the resources, en...

Hi Everyone!!!

It is that time!

My baby boy is turning 1 next week!  I know pause for the tears!!!!

Anyway he will be starting daycare in May...........tears again! Sorry, as you can imagine it is an emotional time for us but it bring opportunity for both him and I.

I will...

Hi Friends!

I am 7.5 months postpartum now!  

I had a small DRA after my little bundle of joy was born and the good news is it is now healed through Pelvic Health Physio and my core rehab program! I am so excited about this!

I am still on a modified Mat Leave. I am doing...

Hi Friends!


Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I am on Mat Leave. I had my baby in April and will be taking a few months off to recover and spend time with him.


Classes will start up again in the fall. I will let you know if anything changes!


Please contact m...



Hi Everyone!


Today I wanted to talk about how in the world us busy moms and families can possibly find the time to cook homemade meals.


When clients and I are getting started on their programs and looking at nutrition I always want to start with quality of the food t...

What happened in trimester 2 and plans for trimester 3?


Hi Everyone,


I am at 28 weeks in my pregnancy and am past the end of the 2nd trimester for my baby and me.


We found out we are having a boy which is exciting and nerve racking, we will have one of each after this...

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!


We are done the first week of 2016! How did you do? Did you have your sh!t together ad completely nail it or was your week a disaster? Have you already slipped on some of you new years resolutions?


My week did not go as planned! I had plann...

December 17, 2015


Prenatal Blog Trimester 1:



I wanted to talk about my first trimester and fitness. I will start off by giving you some basic trimester 1-workout advice:


-if you were not physically active when you got pregnant, you can start slowly with light cardio and light weights...

December 14, 2015

Hi Moms and Moms to be,


It’s Stephanie here again! As the end of the year approaches we all tend to reflect on the past year and how we want to spend the next year. Do you set New Years resolutions?


I question whether New Years resolutions are really beneficial, useful...

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