What It Means To Be A Warrioress!


Being a Warrioress is a holistic approach to your life. I believe that everything we do, eat and feel makes up our Warrioress self. It is not about lifting the most weight of anyone in the gym or running the marathon faster than the person next to you. It is about achieving balance, energy and strength in your body and mind without injuring it.


If you are active, eat well, feel good, and are positive you can do anything; that makes you a Warrioress! That is what I hope for all women. A woman who is strong, healthy and happy can be a Warrioress in all aspects of her life; including the many roles that she takes on in any given day, mom, wife, employee, business owner, friend, daughter, sister, woman! Warrioress!


Sessions are remote, 1-1 or small group mobile sessions as most gyms, studios and clinics do not have capticity for additional onsite training at the moment.

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Personal Trainer Milton
Personal Trainer Milton
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About Us

My name is Stephanie Riley-Sookram. I am a certified personal trainer, certified prenatal/ postnatal fitness specialist and advanced core rehab specialist. I am certified by Bellies Inc. and trained by Julie Wiebe to train women with diastasis recti and various pelvic floor dysfunctions of varying fitness levels. I am also trained and certified in both Pfilates and the Hypopressive Method Level 1 by Trista Zinn. I have been training individuals and small groups since 2012. 

I am excited to help women and mommies love their bodies, improve their health, and be strong from the core outward. I want you to find your inner Warrioress. We need to have a strong base to build on. Once we establish a strong core we can work towards the rest of your goals while maintaining this strong foundation.

I have had babies so I know first hand the impact of pregnancy and birth on your body and the challenges that your postnatal body poses for you. It is important to strengthen this body and learn to love it as it has brought a wonderful baby into this world. We need to treat this body with respect and build it up instead of beating it down.


I want to show you how to live active healthy lives and love exercise. I want you to eat foods that give you energy and lift you up rather than food that weighs you down. If you want these things for yourself call or email me and we can start to take this journey together.

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Personal Trainer Milton
Personal Trainer Milton
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Email: stephanie@warrioressfitness.com

Tel: 647-229-6952